Gigant Volume 1

Gigant Volume 1 The cover to Gigant Volume 1 Sometimes creators occasionally seems to like to say about a new product they are releasing is that it is ‘above genres’ or ‘can’t be classified’. Usually, you’ll read about that is the now-defunct comics magazine Wizard, or Fangoria, which even once had a section of their... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tail Volume 1

Fairy Tail Volume 1 An ex-co-worker of mine was a big fan of Fairy Tail to the point she named her cosplay name after one of the characters in this anime (Hi Tash!) but honestly, even thoigh she pestered me to read it, I never got around to it... until now! I have to say... Continue Reading →

Prison School Volume 1

Prison School Volume 1 Surely to truly experience manga to its fullest, one must read it all. Action, superheroes, romance, sports... ... and whatever the hell genre this one falls into! Image to admit I had already watched the first season of the anime of this manga and thoroughly enjoyed every perverted minute of it,... Continue Reading →

Dr Stone Volume 1

Doctor Stone Volume 1 I’ve been trying to get through the embarrassing amount of manga I haven’t read, and was reminded, whilst looking at the pile, that a friend of mine had suggested that I, with my interest in science, sci-fi and teen movies, would probably appreciate a series with story by Riichiro Inagaki and... Continue Reading →

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